About us

Study in Uruguay

We have had students from all over the world since 1990. Their aim is not only to study Spanish, which they do and very well, but also to enjoy our culture, our traditions, our history, visit the marvellous tourist sites our city and country has to offer and travel to neighbouring places always with the support of International House qualified staff. We cater for their individual needs, interests, tastes and profile.

We offer our visitors options of enhancing with seminars and courses where they can gain university credits, volunteer work if that is their field of interest, specialized Spanish, Spanish and traditional food
Spanish for chefs, etc. We cater for all ages and interests with a very specialized staff.

All our courses include our music, tango classes, national festivals, carnival, night-life options, Spanish & trekking, Spanish & Surfing as options for our students among other captivating offers!

Classes take place at the institute and we also have field-trips in Spanish: Spanish out-there !

Who we are

A network of more than 160 language schools in more than 52 countries around the world.

London Institute was founded in 1977 offering Language Courses, Teacher Training and International College Level Degrees. The Institute has over one thousand students taking courses at International House Montevideo. It is committed to helping students develop their full individual potential while actively taking part in their own learning in a highly motivating and meaningful environment. The Institute has been an affiliate member of the International House World Organisation since 1997. There are currently over 160 International House schools in more than 52 countries.
Each has its own unique flavour, but all are inspired by one common aim: the very highest standards in language education. Our diplomas are officially certified by Instituto Cervantes which is authorized by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports of Spain.

Official Examinations Center for:

London Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI)
Chichester College - ANGLIA EXAMINATIONS
American Translators Association (ATA)
Institute of Linguists
Centro Asociado del Instituto Cervantes
(Español para Extranjeros)
TOLES - Legal English Exams
London Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Our School

Our main building, a large, beautiful three-storey house holds more than 900 students and is conveniently located in a very peaceful, residential area, Pocitos. The Institute has 19 classrooms, a video & DVD room, a library, a staff room, and Internet connected computers.

It has excellent transportation facilities; it is only minutes away from downtown and offers a wide variety of services: restaurants, shopping centres, parks, cinemas, sports clubs and beautiful beaches.

Our Institute offers a wide range of courses and is recognized for the quality of its instruction and highly qualified teachers. Our teachers are known for seeking good communication with their students and are available to answer all their questions.

The aim of the courses at International House Montevideo ® is not only to teach Spanish but also to create strong bonds between teachers and students.
Our syllabi and teaching resources are permanently renewed, following the latest pedagogical and methodological trends in terms of learning. Such materials are available to all our students.